Eleneldil G. Arilou (arilou) wrote,
Eleneldil G. Arilou

Собода информации как религия

Найдено у Майклатут.
(Копирую полностью)

Шведы таки организовали "Церковь копимизма"

Не знаю, по приколу или как, но таки теперь действительно наезды копирастов можно транслировать как дискриминацию и гонения по религиозному признаку. :)
Вот что они про себя сами пишут:

Welcome to the missionary church of kopimism

The swedish Constitution Act, Chapter 2. § 1 states that every citizen is against the government guaranteed freedom of religion: freedom, either alone or with others to practice their religion.”

A religion is a belief system with rituals.
The missionary kopimistsamfundet is a religious group centered in Sweden who believe that copying and the sharing of information is the best and most beautiful that is. To have your information copied is a token of appreciation, that someone think you have done something good.

* All knowledge to all
* The search for knowledge is sacred
* The circulation of knowledge is sacred
* The act of copying is sacred.

All people should have access to all information produced. A gigantic Boosting Knowledge for humanity.

Throughout history, various groups around the world have been persecuted by oppressors. It has since taken refuge in religion and wanted a peaceful coexistence. Without threats and harassment.

In our belief, communication is sacred. Communication needs to be respected. It is a direct sin to monitor and eavesdrop on people.

The absolute secrecy is holy in the church of kopimism.

In the individual pastoral care and confession with the kopimist priests (the Ops), priests are protected under Swedish law by an absolute professional secrecy.
Copyright Religion is our absolute opposite – Ongoing obstruction of copying.

We challenge all copyright believers – most of which have a great deal of influence in politics, and who derive their power by limiting people’s lives and freedom. What they most of all want to limit the knowledge. We need to steel ourselves for their hatred and aggression.

- Copy. download, uplooad!
- All knowlegde to all!
- Information technology is not to be feathered by laws.


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